10 Advantages of Using Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

cleaning with portable car vacuum cleaner

If you’re very particular about keeping your things clean especially your car then a portable car vacuum cleaner can really come in handy. Different types of portable car vacuum cleaners are available in the market in various price ranges with all sorts of features. So how do you decide which one is best for you? Which factors should you consider before buying one? Of course, they should be easy to handle, compact, easy to store, high power, reasonably priced, etc. But most importantly they should serve the purpose they were bought for i.e provide effective cleaning for your car's interior. 

Thisworxusa.com is offering powerful portable car vacuum cleaners at very affordable prices. They can provide both dry as well as wet cleaning. Besides, they have been designed in such a way that they are not only easy to store and carry but also easy on your hands. You also get three attachments, one extra HEPA filter and a carrying bag for free. 

Do you really need a vacuum cleaner for your car and is it worth buying one? The simple answer is ‘yes’ because the product is extremely useful and efficient.

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner Benefits

Let us look at the ten top advantages of using a portable car vacuum cleaner. 

1.They Are Small

Portable car vacuum cleaners being offered by Thisworxusa.com are very compact; they are just 13 inches long and 4.3 inches wide. You can easily carry them along wherever you go. They come with a free carrying bag for easy storage and transport. After you are done cleaning your car, clean your portable car vacuum cleaner, put it in the carrying bag and store it conveniently in your car trunk. The sleek design ensures that cleaning your car is not a tedious task and you do not have to go to a car wash or a detailing shop.

2. They Are Lightweight

Despite a powerful 106-watt motor, thisworxusa.com vacuum cleaners weigh only 2.4 lbs. That means that this portable car vacuum cleaner not only provides high suction power but is so lightweight, allowing you to clean the interior of your entire car without tiring your hands and without interruption. Being lightweight does not mean they are fragile; they have been constructed with high quality materials.

3. They Are Easy to Use

Portable vacuum cleaners are easy to operate and require no special expertise. All you have to do is switch on your car and plug the vacuum cleaner in your car's lighter port. Select the attachment you want and switch on the vacuum cleaner. Use the cleaner to remove all the dust, debris, hair, etc. from your car's interior. It has a transparent container which makes it easy to identify when the container needs to be emptied.

4. They Are Safe

The portable car vacuum cleaners by thisworxusa.com are safe to use. In fact, they are safer than the normal large size vacuum cleaners which require a high-power source for operation. These portable car vacuum cleaners just need a battery power supply of 12 volts, so you do not have to worry about any electric hazard. You also do not need to worry about the power cable unplugging accidentally from the power source when it gets entangled in your feet. Furthermore, these portable vacuum cleaners are equipped with HEPA filters which are not only highly effective but also environment friendly. The power plug of the car vacuum is equipped with a fuse to protect it from any voltage fluctuation. All these features make these vacuum cleaners the most suitable choice for cleaning your vehicle.

5. Runs on Battery Power

You can connect your ThisWorx portable car vacuum cleaner to your car's lighter port and clean your entire vehicle. If you were using a large size vacuum cleaner, you would need a proper power supply connection but with the portable vacuum cleaner you do not need any other power supply; your car's 12 V battery is enough. They also do not have any negative effect on the life of your car's battery because they need very little power for a short duration of time.

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6.Cleans Difficult Spots

The compact size, sleek design and three different types of cleaning attachments makes portable vacuum cleaners the perfect choice for cleaning even those areas which you considered unreachable till now. Dust and debris can accumulate in tight spots over time. Even if you are regularly cleaning your car these areas will remain untouched because of the difficulty to reach them. Dust accumulation is definitely not good for your health and it will also deteriorate your car's upholstery. With a portable vacuum cleaner, you will not just be cleaning your car effectively but also protecting your health.

7.They Are Powerful

Despite their compact size, portable vacuum cleaners are highly powerful. The motor and turbine deliver sufficient suction power to clean the interior of your vehicle effectively. Equipped with a 106 watt and 8.8 amps motor & metal turbine, they can clean your entire upholstery and relieve your vehicle from all that accumulated dust, pet hair, debris, etc. Although they are powerful, they are not annoyingly loud. 

8. Can Go Anywhere

With a portable vacuum cleaner you can clean your vehicle simply anywhere. Whether it is your garage, your office parking lot or you are on a trip and your car needs cleaning, you can just park your car and use the portable vacuum cleaner to eliminate all the dust and debris. The portable car vacuum cleaner is equipped with an LED light, allowing you to use the vacuum cleaner during the night or in places that are dark.

9. They Are Versatile

Thisworxusa.com portable car vacuum cleaners come with three different attachments: flathead hose, brush head and an extension tube. The flathead hose can be used to clean hard-to-reach places such as the space between your car seats and doors, car AC's vent system, other nooks and corners. Switch to the extension tube attachment for cleaning the space beneath your car seats, cracks and crevices. Use the brush head attachment for cleaning the car seat covers, carpet, car mats or other upholstery items. What is even better is that these attachments come free with ThisWorx vacuum cleaners, making it possible for you to clean the entire interior of your car. These versatile portable car vacuum cleaners can also clean small spill overs.

10.Can Clean Many Things a Larger Vacuum Shouldn’t

A large vacuum is definitely more powerful than a portable one but it cannot reach many places inside a vehicle. Since a portable car vacuum cleaner is handheld,  you can maneuver it any way you want. The portable vacuum cleaner makes your entire car within your reach; with a large size vacuum cleaner this won’t be possible as it would be difficult to move around. These portable vacuum cleaners make sure that debris, dust, pet hair and other allergens are eliminated from your vehicle. Besides, they can also effectively clean liquid spills so you don’t have to worry even if your pet urinates on your car's carpet.