Great Gifts for Car Guys

- This Worx Brand Team

Santa Claus standing in front of a red car with gifts in the trunk

The CarTalk guys may be gone, but car guys still exist. And they are so easy to buy for—anything for the car makes them happy.

ThisWorx has everything for the car guys on your gift list. Best of all, you don't have to go hunting through the mall or fight traffic. The only crowds that might get in your way is if the dog is in your spot on the couch. So without further ado, let's click and shop.

Brush Hero Wheel Cleaning Brush

Brush Hero Premium Car Detailer and Wheel Brush

No matter how much pressure you're pushing through a hose, getting your wheels clean takes extra elbow grease. Or does it? The Brush Hero Premium Car Detailer and Wheel Brush makes it a breeze to get the gunk and muck out of your wheels. This brush has multiple brushes so you can get all up in the rims, and powerful torque for slow, steady scrubbing power. 

The black brush head is soft enough to use on your car's exterior, too. Car guys love a spot of four wheeling, or just driving through ice and snow, the Brush Hero gently removes grime from your car's body.

How does this magic brush work? Simply attach it to your garden hose and turn on the water. The pressure spins the brushes so they do all the work, cleaning your wheels to a sparkle. 

ThisWorx portable car vacuum cleaner

ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Our cars can get pretty messy. Car guys might not actually live in their rides, but let's face it—cars these days do multiple duties as restaurants, offices, closets, and pet carriers. While we certainly applaud this adaptability, this multi-purpose approach to living does leave rather a mess. Sure, you can go to the car wash and let them vacuum out the dirt and pet hair, but that's only a quick swipe unless you get a full detail—and who has time for that?

What if there were a car vacuum that not only picks up pet hair and dried up French fries, but spilled coffee and other wet messes? Well, just click over to ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner for the most powerful wet or dry suction you can get in a car vacuum. This powerful mini-vac has a turbo charged motor and 3 nozzle attachments so you can get to every nook and cranny between and under the seats. There's a trash canister that makes it easy to see when it's full, and is easy to empty. A HEPA filter cleans the air in the car as you vacuum, so when you're done cleaning, there aren't any dust particles floating around. 

Specs on the Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • Weighs 2.4 lbs
  • 106W and 8.8 amps of power
  • 16 ft long cord
  • Plugs into 12V car lighter

With that 16 foot cord, this car vacuum can easily handle the biggest SUVs and trucks. 

DRIVE Auto Car trash bin

Drive Bin Car Trash Can & Wastebasket

Back to the concept of a car as a home office—car guys are always on the go, fielding phone calls all day long, doing their thing—all from behind the wheel. The cost of doing business in the car is that there's inevitably trash everywhere. No matter how you try to keep it contained in the center console or door pocket, there is always overflow. If you have kids in the backseat, you can exponentially multiply the mess. We've all hooked a plastic grocery bag over the front headrest (admit it), but that can get gross pretty fast. 

The Drive Bin Car Trash Can & Wastebasket is coming to your rescue. If there's such a thing as a smart trash bin, this is it. Clip the cooler-sized (12"x 9"x 5") bin to the back of the headrest or side door, pop in a disposable liner, and voilà—you have a real wastebasket in the back seat. The liners are the real star of the show here. They're leak and odor proof, and the patented clips keep the liners secure in the bin. You can re-order the liners, but product reviews state that grocery bags work in a pinch. 

DRIVE Auto car trunk organizer

Collapsible Car Trunk Organizer

The beauty of this Collapsible Car Trunk Organizer is that it collapses enough to fit in the front passenger seat, which makes it a great gift for the car guy who takes a lot of solo road trips. Another great feature is that it has a lock-down kit with adjustable straps, so that it stays secure in the trunk and on the seat. 

Fully open, the bin expands to 23" wide x 11" tall by 17" deep, but shrinks to about 14" if you're attaching it to the seat, so it can hold coffee cups, paperwork, golf shoes—you name it—and hold everything upright and in place. 

Here are additional features of the trunk organizer. 

  • Multi-compartment storage bin lets you separate groceries from soccer shoes
  • Optional tie downs anchor the organizer in the trunk like a cargo net, around the seat backs, or onto the child safety seat anchors 
  • Collapsible design lets you fold the organizer flat for storage
  • Base plates in every side panel keep the organizer upright and sturdy
Cargo netting over a car roof

Grit Performance Cargo Netting

Sometimes, you just need to stow big stuff in the trunk. How about at heavy duty Grit Performance Cargo Netting that starts at 22" x 38"—perfect for holding sports gear, coolers, and luggage. This net is made from super-thick 5mm latex bungee webbing—the thickest on the market— and can expand to a generous 44" x 76". The netting is easy to install, with 12 strong hooks for a one-step tie-down. 

Although the bungee netting is heavy duty, the mesh is tight enough that smaller items won't escape the net. When you're not using the net, all the pieces stow easily in the zippered storage bag so it doesn't take up any trunk space. What we love about this cargo net is that there's a free replacement lifetime guarantee—register your net when you buy one and they'll send you a new one if you ever have a problem. 

Don't see the exact thing here? ThisWorx has lots of other goodies for the car guys on your list.