Tips on How to Keep a Black Car Clean

- This Worx Brand Team

How to Keep a Black Car Clean with ThisWorx

A black car is a solid statement of fashion. Sunlight makes it glow in a way that it almost looks like a piece of fine-cut black onyx wheels.

However, nearly everyone who buys a black car for the first time comes to understand that black paint is a chore to keep up with. The color black shows a lot of swirl marks, water spots, and dirt more quickly than any other car color. People appear to wonder about how to keep a black car clean. 

The big question, however, is:

Are Black Cars Hard to Keep Clean?

Unfortunately, keeping a black car clean is one of the greatest challenges any car owner will ever face. Black cars are harder to keep clean than other paint colors because:

  • They show dust and dirt easily
  • Are prone to water spots
  • Scratches and swirl marks are more visible

Unlike any other car color, black appears to be a dirt magnet. If you don't know how to keep a black car clean between washes, you'll end up driving a car that looks dingy every time.

How to Wash a Black Car Without Scratching It

Black cars are usually more expensive. For that reason, you'll need some items and the famous two-bucket method to wash your black car without scratching it. 

The Products and Tools You Need to Clean a Dirty Black Car

#1. Car Washing Soap

It's common for people to use detergents or dish soap to clean vehicles. However, it isn't the right approach because Consumer Report warns that household cleaning agents can strip your car's paint and the wax job.

You'll need car washing soap that's gentle to your car and leave the wax untouched. The special chemical composition of car washing soaps allows them to clean the car without damaging it in any way.

#2. Wash Mitt

Use a wash mitt instead of a sponge because the mitt holds more water, which speeds up the cleanup process. More importantly, the wash mitt will be gentle to your car paint.

#3. Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth helps you dry your car. The best option reduces the number of times you have to wipe the car to get it dry.

#4. Clay Bar

Clay bars remove debris that may have accumulated on the surface. A black car specifically needs cleaning with the aid of a clay bar to prevent deep scratches, remove hard-to-clean bug splats, and act as a magnet for debris that may be clinging to your paint job.

#5. Compounding Agent

If your black car already has some deep scratches, you can use a compound agent to fix the problem. What's more, the compounding agent is useful for getting rid of unsightly swirls, holograms, and other blemishes that may be seen on your car.

#6. Applicator Pads

Applicator pads are the items you need to get the compound agent on your black car. You can use applicator pads for wax application too.

#7.  Wax

When cleaning a black car, wax is the last item you want because it protects against harmful debris and even the sun. The best waxes give black cars an impressive sheen when applied properly.

#8. Car Detailer

A car detailer will help you deal with the grime, muck, and road dust on the wheel to help you preserve the original appearance of your car wheel.

Car Detailing Brush | ThisWorx

Steps for Cleaning a Black Car

Step 1: Start with a soapless bath: Run water over your car to prepare it for soap-washing.

Step 2: Use two buckets to wash: One holding water, while the other containing washing soap mixed with some water. Then, put on your wash mitt and begin washing by applying the soap first and then rinsing the mitt off in the clean water. Repeat the process until the whole car is covered with soap.

Step 3: Handle the blemishes on the car: If you're washing uncovered scratches and debris on your car, then it's time to use the clay bar and compound. Use the applicator pads to apply the compound to ensure you remove the scratches effectively.

Step 4: Dry your car using the blotting technique: This appears to be the simplest process when washing your black car, but if you make any mistakes, your black car can remain with ugly marks. 

Take the microfiber cloth and use the blotting technique instead of just whipping the car down to prevent ugly marks.  The blotting technique proves to be the best way to dry a car because it reduces the chances of scuffing your paint. Blotting your black car may take longer, but it leaves your car in better condition. 

Your first step is to learn the best way to clean a black car.

Black Car Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a black-colored car isn't easy. Here are some of the maintenance tips:

  1. Never dry dust or dry clean because it reduces the gloss/deteriorates the clear coat of the paint. It's better to stay dirty and wash it over the weekend.
  2. Don't use car covers because it creates small scratches.
  3. Avoid parking in the open sun because it accelerates fading. Park your car where there's shade.
  4. When bird droppings mess your car, remove the droppings immediately with a moistened newspaper or cloth. Even though they come off during regular wash, letting bird droppings dry leaves a notable discoloration of that area, which is difficult to treat.
  5. When washing your black car, especially when cleaning the muddy areas, avoid using a cloth even if it's dipped in water. Rinse all the mud first using plain running water to ensure that mud particles don't stick to the cleaning cloth, to avoid extensive and minute scratches while washing with that cloth. Ensure the cloth is cotton and clean throughout the washing process.
  6. Use a car trash can to keep your car clean and clutter-free.
  7. Get backseat mats to protect your car's leather from mud, salt, and other dirt.
  8. Get a collapsible car trunk organizer to secure your belongings in place to avoid clutter. 

How do I wash a black car without water spots or swirl marks?

Water spots are among the most common problems that make car finishes look ugly and messy. What causes water spots entail:

  • A bad car wash practice
  • Acidic rains
  • Dirty water splashes

Here are some tips for washing a black car without water spots:

  1. Avoid washing your car under the sun to prevent faster drying.
  2. Use the best car wash products for your car.
  3. Scrub your car's paint gently with a microfiber towel or car wash mint.
  4. Rinse your car as you wash. Don't wait until the entire car surface is clean for you to rinse.

How to Prevent Scratches from Appearing on Your Black Car

Here are tips on maintaining a black car's exterior and keeping the paint color free of scratches:

  1. Remove as much grime as possible before scrubbing with a high-pressure hose-down
  2. Use the two-bucket technique to keep dirty, rinse water and clean soapy water separate and prevent fragments from contaminating your scrubbing water
  3. Don't use dish soap to clean your car because it strips away the wax or sealant. Use a car washing soap instead
  4. Use high-quality microfiber mitts to dislodge debris
  5. Use a scratch-free microfiber towel to dry your car

4 Facts to Remember to Keep a Black Car Clean 

Here's a quick checklist to help you keep your black car clean:

  1. Black cars are difficult to keep clean because scratches and paint defects appear clearer on black-painted vehicles
  2. You'll need to acquire the right washing tools and products to maintain a black car's exterior
  3. When washing, follow the appropriate washing and drying techniques to prevent water spots
  4. Take immediate action against bird droppings to prevent discoloration in the affected area