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No matter the year, make, or model – a fresh car cleaning just makes your car feel new again. It looks newer, it smells newer, and sometimes a good car cleaning even seems to help it run like new. Looking for the best way to clean your car interior? This Worx can help.

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The Importance of Interior Car Cleaning

It’s easy to forget that your car carries more than you, your family, and your things. Not only does it continue to carry value, but it also carries all the germs, bacteria, and grime that are along for the ride. That’s why effective car cleaning is so important.

Protect Your Health

From the steering wheel to the floormats, cars get filthy. Car cleaning with a car vacuum and everyday sanitizers is a powerful way to avoid illness.

Protect Your Investment

Without regular cleaning, dirt and debris slowly wear away at interior surfaces. With ThisWorx car vacuums, protecting your vehicle’s resale value is easy.

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How to Clean Your Car Interior and KEEP it clean

Keeping a clean car is all about being prepared to control and collect the garbage, dirt, and debris that it encounters.

Start with a practical and effective car trash can (liners included!). Then, mix in a powerfully portable car vacuum cleaner to take care of the rest. With the occasional deep clean thrown in, the dream of a regularly clean car is easy to attain.

Plug In a Powerful Clean

16 feet of cord and a plug designed to fit automotive 16V outlets means consistent and powerful suction that can reach every corner of your vehicle and never needs to be recharged.

Use Car Cleaning Tools, not a Home Vacuum

A durable travel case, LED light, and helpful attachments for hard-to-reach places are all reasons our car vacuum cleaner has been named one of the best overall car vacuum cleaners. Having been designed exclusively for cars eliminates the hassle of car cleaning, whether you’re touching up your car for a long trip or dealing with an unexpected mess.

How can I make my car interior look new?

A car interior that looks, smells and feels as new as the day you bought it requires staying prepared to handle life’s messes. Because let’s face it – they happen everywhere.

To stay looking new, every car needs

A car trash can for receipts, food, and junk mail that can clutter the floor. Spare pockets are a helpful place to store wipes for sanitizing and protecting hard interior surfaces on the go.  

A car vacuum cleaner that’s small enough to fit under a seat never needs to be recharged and works for every inch of the car. The brush attachment helps make your upholstery look new, while extension tubes and flat-head hoses eliminate crumbs, dirt, and debris wherever they hide.

Regular cleaning with products that clean away germs and protect the surfaces throughout your car. Organize it all while keeping it both handy and out of the way with a Collapsible Car Trunk Organizer.

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