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A Seat Back Protector & Rooftop Cargo Carrier for any Make & Model

When you’ve successfully protected your car from wear and tear, revealing the untouched paint or upholstery underneath is a special kind of satisfaction. That’s why we designed our seat back protector and rooftop cargo carrier to deliver the satisfaction of a car that’s well-protected – and convenient.

Car Protection

Challenges with protecting car interior and exterior

Keeping your car protected isn’t always easy. Whether your most common passengers are children, coworkers, or customers,the truth is simple: you can’t control others, you can only prepare for them. That’s where our car seat protector and rooftop cargo carrier help.

Out of sight, out of mind

The backs of your seats are a prime target for hands, knees, and – if you have a child – sometimes dirty little feet. Since you rarely see the back seats of your car, it’s easy to forget how filthy they can get. Durable seat back protectors are the perfect solution.

High Traffic Wear & Tear

Everyday wear and tear is hard to avoid, but the right products make prevention easy. If you frequently load your car with luggage, our rooftop cargo carrier minimizes wear and tear while ensuring your roof is well protected from scratches and scrapes.

How to Protect Car Seat Backs?

The first step in protecting car seat backs is not kicking them, not getting them dirty, and being extra careful with luggage and other objects that can rip or tear. Without an effective car seat back protector, that’s easier said than done.

Our heavy-duty car seat protectors eliminate the stress of potential damage and keep your seats looking as good as new. Bungee-style tie down hooks ensure they stay in place, and huge pockets provide space for extra storage.

Make any vehicle road-trip ready with a rooftop cargo carrier

How to use a rooftop cargo carrier?

Using a rooftop cargo carrier is the easiest way to instantly double your trunk-space. By keeping everything safely enclosed on the roof, it also helps prevent wear and tear to your car’s interior. Rooftop cargo carriers are extremely easy to use.

  1. Place the rooftop cargo carrier on top of a non-slip mat (included) on top of your vehicle, load the cargo bag, and close the zipper.
    Tip: Ensuring flaps are fastened over the zipper will help reduce noise.
  2. For cars with a roof rack, secure your rooftop cargo carrier to side beams or cross beams using the included tie-down straps.
  3. For cars without a roof rack, door hooks are required (sold separately). Simply secure the hooks to the inside of your car doors, under the door frame weather molding.
  4. Check your straps after a few miles, and regularly throughout your trip.

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