About us

Nowadays it is hard to imagine the world without cars. Almost each family has a car in a modern world and a number of cars are growing rapidly each year. Some 77.8 million automobiles are expected to be sold by 2017.

People go to work, spend time with family and friends, go traveling by car. No doubts, car trips can create a lot of memorable experiences. It can create a lot of mess as well. The more time people spend in their cars, the dirtier it becomes. Dirt, grime, leaves and dust attached to your shoes and transferred to mats and floors. Pet hair, debris, and crumbs build up on the seats and in the floors of your car.

Good car vacuum cleaners provide an effective and easy way to get rid of the dirt and dust. These small vacuum cleaners are portable and lightweight. So you can clean the cracks and crannies of your vehicle with ease. There is definitely a wide range of car vacuum options out there to fit your budget, taste, preference and lifestyle. The problem is that with lots of options, it can be a bit hard to pick the best model.

We provide a car vacuum cleaner that has been tested and proven in almost every way.

We do our best to combine all the properties: quality, design, price, to make the vacuum cleaner which becomes your irreplaceable assistant in your everyday life.

Our mission is to make you happy with your clean car, providing portable handheld car vacuum cleaner with all the necessary stuff: a long power cord (it allows you to clean every inch of your car), nozzles (for different deep places), a special cleaning brush, stylish bag for transportation and user manual.

We believe that this car vacuum cleaner can keep your car clean and neat every day easily.