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What is the full list of authorized sellers?

  • Orythia Inc (Amazon)
  • Green Tree Products (Amazon)
  • Kay and Kay Online (Amazon)
  • Walmart
  • Target

How can I keep my car’s interior clean?

Keeping your car interior clean and organized can be tough sometimes. But, if you have the necessary tools and equipment, then this shouldn’t be too difficult! Here’s a list of some important and handy items to use and keep in your car for a neat and clean interior.

  1. Portable car vacuum cleaner
  2. Trash bags or can
  3. Car trunk organizer
  4. Cup holder liners
  5. Air fresheners (it's nice to get rid of those bad odors!!)
  6. Wet wipes
  7. Kick guards for car seats

Are car vacuums useful?

The short answer is yes. Car vacuums are you and your car’s best friend when the interior starts looking a little rough. Whether you drop a bite of food on your car seat or it’s shedding season for your furry friend, portable car vacuums come in handy whenever you need them most.

How do I choose a car vacuum?

The best car vacuum is the one that caters to all of your cleaning needs and gets the job done. When purchasing a car vacuum, there are a couple of important things to consider: power and accessories.

Car vacuums can be corded or cordless and have different power ratings. Make sure you take note of the suction power of your car vacuums as you search for the perfect one.

The interior of your car has many nooks and crannies and different types of surfaces. When debris builds up — especially in those hard-to-reach areas — it can be tough to thoroughly clean them. That’s why you should consider getting a car vacuum that comes with a set of accessories and attachments that allow you to reach those tough places. ThisWorx's portable car vacuum cleaners come equipped with three attachments (extension tube, brush head, and flathead hose) and accessories (filter cleaner, travel case, and extra filters) to make vacuuming easier for you. It’s the perfect car cleaning kit!

How do I vacuum my car like a pro?

  1. Open all car doors and the trunk.
  2. Remove all loose items. Keep the things you still want but dump any garbage in a trash bag or bin.
  3. Remove the car floor mats and place them somewhere clean and dry.
  4. Sand down any burs or sharp edges on the vacuum tool to avoid scratching your car seats. You can do this by scraping the vacuum tool on the ground until it’s smooth.
  5. Starting at the driver’s seat (and later moving counterclockwise), push back the car seats and vacuum the area underneath them. Don’t forget to vacuum the seat tracks too!
  6. Vacuum the car floor areas around the seats. It’s also helpful to use a brush to help loosen and remove dirt in the car carpet as you vacuum.
  7. Moving back to the seats, vacuum the crevices (where the seat bottom meets the seat back) as well as the seams. Here, you can use a brush tool again to help dislodge embedded dirt that’s hard for the vacuum tool to reach.
  8. Vacuum the car floor mats and make sure there’s no debris underneath before placing them back into your car.

Can I use a regular vacuum for my car?

Standard household vacuums don’t provide you with enough flexibility you need to reach narrow spaces and crevices in your car. It’s best if you use a portable car vacuum cleaner to make sure you’re able to clean all areas of your car without any problems. It’s also a good idea to use a vacuum that comes with extensions and attachments to use on different surfaces like car seats, carpets, and the console area.

How often should I vacuum my car?

Every two weeks or at least once a month should be enough. However, if you ever find that your car becomes dirty quicker than usual, there’s no harm in taking a moment to vacuum and give it a clean!

Where should I put the trash can in my car?

You can throw away and store trash in three main types of car trash cans: hanging, cup holder, and floor. For hanging ones like Drive Auto's trash containers, you can hang them just about anywhere in your car with the adjustable quick-clip strap.

Do I need a car trunk organizer?

If you find that it’s difficult to see the bottom of your car trunk, then having a trunk organizer would be helpful and even necessary to store items and important personal belongings. Trunk organizers also come in handy for privacy and safety purposes, but regardless of the reason, using one wouldn’t hurt.

How do I keep my car trunk organizer from sliding?

All you need is security straps of some kind to keep your trunk organizer stationary while breaking. With Drive Auto's collapsible car trunk organizer, there are adjustable security straps you can use to hook to your trunk or seats and keep your organizer in place for however long your drive is!

How do I protect the back of my car seat?

You can simply use towels or small blankets and secure and drape them around the headrest area of a seat. However, you can also buy car kick mats or guards and hang them from the back seat to protect it from getting dirty. Drive Auto's heavy duty kick guard backseat mats are easy to clean and offer the ultimate protection against all things dirty from the bottom of shoes.

Are kick mats safe?

Car kick mats themselves are generally safe and don’t compromise the safety of children. However, for car seat kick mats that double as organizers, avoid storing potentially dangerous items or objects.


Does the car vacuum cleaner pick up dog hair?

Yes, our vacuums are designed with 106 watts and 8.8 amps of suction power to help clean up after your furry friends. Shedding season is no match for you and your ThisWorx car vacuum cleaner!

What’s the difference between the ThisWorx TWC-02 model and the TWC-01 model?

Aside from their external differences, the TWC-02 is more powerful than the TWC-01 and has an LED light.

Is the car vacuum cleaner cord long enough to reach the back seats?

Yes! The car vacuum can even reach your trunk since the cord measures 16 ft. to give you all the flexibility and distance you need to thoroughly clean your car of any debris.

Will the car vacuum cleaner clean hard-to-reach areas?

Absolutely! The vacuum comes with several attachments that you can use to clean the difficult areas of your car, such as the console area. Attachments include an extension tube, brush head, and flathead hose. Use the extension tube under your seats, cracks, and crevices and the brush head for carpets and upholstery. The flathead hose can be used for other hard-to-reach areas of your car.

How long should I charge the car vacuum cleaner?

Fortunately, you don’t need to charge the car vacuum cleaner to use it because it doesn’t have a battery inside. All you need to do is start your car, plug in the vacuum connector into your 12V outlet, and start vacuuming!

Can I plug the car vacuum cleaner into an electrical outlet?

Unfortunately, no. The vacuum cleaner can only be plugged into the 12v outlet(s) of your car.

How do I clean the inside of the car vacuum cleaner?

With ThisWorx's car vacuum cleaners, cleaning the inside of the vacuum is easy and simple:

  1. Remove the dust container by pressing a button on the top of the vacuum.
  2. Pull out the HEPA filter (you might need a little elbow grease the first time).
  3. Depending on the amount of dirt in the filter, you can use the small cleaning brush or water to clean the filter. It’s up to you in terms of what you use to clean the filter, but we suggest using the brush provided.

Can I order spare parts for the car vacuum cleaner?

Yes, you can order attachments, the travel bag, and filters. Attachments include an extension tube, brush head, and flathead hose. For more information, please contact us directly through Amazon messenger.

How long do the car vacuum filters last?

One filter typically lasts for at least six months, although its lifespan can depend on other factors such as how you clean the filter, what kind of dirt gets inside, and how often you use the vacuum. Each car vacuum cleaner comes with a spare filter, but if you need to purchase new filters, let us know through Amazon messenger or our customer care team on our Contact Us page. We’ll be happy to send you a new set!

Do regular grocery bags fit in the trash container?

Yes, normal grocery bags fit in the trash container.

Can the trash container close at the top?

Yes, the top of the trash container has either a clasp or 10-inch long by 1-inch wide pair of Velcro sewn into the sides. So, you can choose to close the container whenever you’d like. The extra large Drive Auto Products Trash Container also closes as it comes equipped with a lid for easy closure.

What are the dimensions of the collapsible car trunk organizer?

23 (L) x 17 (W) x 10.75 (H) inches fully open.

Are the walls of the car trunk organizer rigid?

Yes. While the trunk organizer is collapsible, there are stiff base plates in every panel to reinforce the sides and make the organizer sturdy as can be.

Returns, Refunds, Exchanges, & Warranty

How do I return my product?

If you’d like to return a product that you purchased on Amazon, please place a return request with Amazon. For purchases made on our website, please contact our customer care team at You can also visit our Contact Us page if you have any questions about a ThisWorx product or need help with an order.

What is your refund policy?

We’re not 100% satisfied unless you are. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, please contact our customer care team at within 30 days from your purchase to make a refund request; we want our customers to be happy! You can also visit our Refund Policy page to read the information about our refund policy.

Can I exchange my product or replace it?

If you’re not happy with the product you purchased and would like to exchange or replace it, please contact our customer care team at or visit our Contact Us page. You can also contact us directly through Amazon messenger if you made the purchase on Amazon rather than our website.

Do your products come with a warranty?

Yes! Our products are covered by a one-year warranty from the purchase date.